About Donnareyna Sessler

I've been collecting gemstones, totems and crystals ever since I can remember. I’ve always been able to feel them guiding me and talking to me with the incredible Wisdom of spirit residing within. I've studied with many teachers & experts in the field of spiritual gemology, sacred geometry, a variety of oracles and healing modalities. I was blessed by the advanced teachings of Dr. Frank Alper (author of Exploring Atlantis Trilogy) who taught me advanced crystal techniques including the opening, closing, and clearing of the chakras, catalitic conversion and the transformation of 

I've been known as the "Crystal Goddess from New York City" and have spoken at and taught classes about the energy medicine of gemstones and crystals at a variety of major metaphysical shows across America including numerous New Life Expo events.

Now in my 60's, I utilize my training, my experience and my intuition to share and teach what I know to be true and spiritually guide others from my divine intuitive knowledge & experience.

I will have available 6 to 8 decks to choose from of Oracles, tarot, angel cards and “The Language of Your Destiny” book which I utilize to offer complementary destiny stone readings. I offer my consulting and counseling services with clients at a $1.00 per minute.

My Inspiration collection contains over 365 different semi & precious gemstones, beads, mineral specimens &/or crystals set and unset in pure metals. I also carry a Collection of 60 sacred geometry designs in pendants and earrings available in five different stones such as lapis and black tourmaline.


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